Monday, August 01, 2005

24 flavors of PCR

It was nice and simple when PCR began infiltrating the lab. We just called it "PCR" and we knew what it was. Then along came RT PCR, then Q PCR, and RAPD. Then it seemed that the RT PCR could either mean "reverse transcriptase" or "real time." Gradually every group using molecular biology discovered their own variant of PCR and gave it a different name. Reagent companies also jumped into the game, since every assay needs it's own branding.

I confess. I've been hard pressed to remember the difference between RAPD and RACE, Hot-Start, and TaqMan. Now, there's a solution. I found a web site that lists 24 different variants of PCR (except TaqMan) and gives references for each one. At last I can quickly look them and up and find out how they differ from each other.

Not only is this site helpful for distinguishing different varieties of PCR, it also does a nice job with explaining PCR in general.



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