Thursday, October 20, 2005

It all came out right in the end

Congratulations to Barry Marshall and Robin Warren for winning the 2005 Nobel prize in Physiology and Medicine for their discovery that Helicobacter pylori causes ulcers. I'm especially impressed with the experiment that Dr. Marshall carried out, drinking a solution of bacteria and giving himself ulcers. It makes me cringe but I'm glad he did it. The posting at the Nobel site has a nice description of the discovery.

Unfortunately, whenever I think about this or describe it someone, my brain insists on really bad jokes. My apologies to Barry Marshall, since there's nothing funny about his work. But ...

"It really took guts"

"He had intestinal fortitude"

"He had the stomach for the work"

"He swallowed the hypothesis, hook, line, and sinker"

"He put his whole self into his work" (or did he put his whole work into himself?)

"He felt in his gut that he must be right"

"He knew those weren't butterflies in his stomach"



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