Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tangled bank 45 is up!

Check out the carnival at Greythumb for some wonderful stories on biology, medicine, and education.

In true carnival spirit there's even a Believe it or Not! section with stories that do almost seem unbelievable. Why would people use frogs for pregnancy tests anyway?

Some of the other intriguing topics are:

Internal clocks and Seahawks,

Parasites and plague,

Biology classes and bigger --- well, that's an article on portion sizes, you can fill in the rest.

I can hardly wait to read the story on the Donner party. Or maybe we should call it the party that wasn't.

For those of you new to blog carnivals, the Tangled Bank carnivals are wonderful collections of science stories. Watch out! If you enjoy reading about science, the stories can keep you away from work for a long time.



Blogger Kristofer said...

Haven't heard about Tangled bank before but now I read about it all over the place. I'll try not to let it keep me away from working.

Kristofer's computational biology blog

1:47 AM  

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