Thursday, February 23, 2006

Digital Biology course info is posted

A few months ago, I posted a note about the two courses that I will be teaching this summer in Austin, together with Dr. Linnea Fletcher (Austin Community College).

The information is now on-line, so you can ahead and register. The courses and dates are:

A Hands-On Tour Through the World of Bioinformatics

LINEA FLETCHER, Austin Community College and SANDRA G. PORTER, Geospiza, Inc.
June 8-10, 2006 in Austin, TX

Studying Evolution with Bioinformatics

LINNEA FLETCHER, Austin Community College SANDRA G. PORTER, Geospiza, Inc.
June 12-14, 2006 in Austin, TX

If you have a topic request, let me know. I've been working on some things with influenza virus, HIV, genome browsing, mutant structures, and green fluorescent protein. So we should have lots of fun.



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