Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Birthday Celebration with Goofy Minnesota Limericks

GrrlScientist invites you all to attend a surprise virtual birthday party for PZ Myers.

While I've never met PZ, I have enjoyed reading his blog, Pharyngula, and learning new things about embyros and the mysterious things that go on when cells divide and develop. Plus, PZ's brainchild, TangledBank is always a wonderful collection of fun things to read.

It's hard to know where the party is beginning or ending, but if you've ended up here, imagine yourself eating a piece of chocolate cake with pink amaretto frosting, while you can enjoy these goofy Minnesota limericks. Don't worry if they don't make any sense, I try to avoid sensible poetry.

There once was a young man from Morris
whose head was extreme-i-ly porous
his thoughts just leaked out
as he typed them about
and we're all waiting now to hear more o' this

Our fishing is fancy year round
the loon makes a strange erie sound
the canoe is a leaking
so when no one is peaking
napping is where we'll be found

You betcha by golly, it's fun
playing cribbage and waiting for sun
we've got cabin fever
in the lodge like the beaver
we'll come out when the winter is done

The snow is abundant in March
in August we all start to parch
we get eaten by mosquitoes
while we're chomping on fritos
Would it help if we all used more starch?

I once lived near Lake of the Isles
and skated around the goose piles
In my city of green
with the unearthly sheen
I rode my bike on the trails that went miles

In St. Paul every year there's a fair
whose size there is none that compare
we've heard some say "Texas?",
but most they say "not this!"
Minnesota's the place, that we'll share



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